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2 new css tricks – Outline and Square Box!

I love learning new css tricks that solve layout problems. Creating a row of boxes that are squares at any size with a border. The trick is in the padding, this blog post led me in the right direction. div { width:25%; height:0; padding-bottom:25%; outline:1px solid white; } That’ll do it! Eureka!      … Read more »

Responsive Data Table Design

Interesting roundup of techniques for displaying table data responsively. Having a lot of clients in automotive related industries requires at times the need to display fairly large tables. These will definitely come in handy. Responsive Data Table Roundup from view demo    

Sass and Scss

I guess that I am just a bit late to the boat, but have finally discovered Sass preprocessing. And, I love it! Using Sass is super easy and makes css development fun again. Just having the ability to create variables for your clients color schemes and call them throughout each file is worth it. Check… Read more »