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GoodBye Fireworks

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now. Nothing could be worse then opening a coworkers work files only to find they were created in Fireworks. Good Riddance! Goodbye Fireworks!

Mediashepherd launched

Today, one of my clients launched This site aims to help those in publishing find resources they may want or need that may be difficult to find. This site is built using wordpress and yields many customizations. Look for more to come.

Found tech

Found this Old school camera cleaning out the mother in laws house. Pretty cool, wonder if it still works. I imagine it would be hard to find Film. agfa pb20 readyset

Working with Bootstrap

Started my first app with bootstrap today, without reading the documentation it’s not to hard to get up and running with some basic styles. I’ve been trying out a few CSS frameworks, Zurb’s Foundation for one, and seem to like both. Below is a starting point for this internal application.  

Glass guilder

As one who has always been fascinated with old design techniques and craftsmanship, such as letterpress, this is extreme. Watch this documentary following David A. Smith has he creates the album artwork for John Mayer.

Sass and Scss

I guess that I am just a bit late to the boat, but have finally discovered Sass preprocessing. And, I love it! Using Sass is super easy and makes css development fun again. Just having the ability to create variables for your clients color schemes and call them throughout each file is worth it. Check… Read more »